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Knowing and Acting

In Paris and Brussels In the Heart of the institutions

Our Profession

Anticipating, understanding and analysing institutional decisions

International :

  • UN, World Bank, IMF, WTO…


  • Council of the European Union, European Commission, European Parliament.
  • Consultative bodies: Committee of the Regions, European Economic and Social Committee.


  • The Governments of the 25 Member States of the European Union and candidate countries.


  • The Parliaments of the 28 Member States and candidate countries.
  • In France, The Assemblée nationale (National Assembly) and the Sénat (Senate)

Local :

  • The Public authorities of the 28 Member States of the European Union and candidate countries.
  • In France, the regions, départements, towns and intercommunity structures.

make up the essential tools for decision-making for our customers: companies, NGOs, professional federations, associations, regional authorities, etc.

This initiative to blend French and European, local and national cultures was behind the creation of Schell & Associés (Cabinet Schell), in 2000, with the objective to support and promote your company at various levels of public authorities in Brussels and Paris, to know and act at the heart of the institutions.

Our Ethics

Our professional approach is implemented in compliance with the charter of the SEAP (Society of European Affairs Professionals) and the code of conduct charter of the AFCL (French Association for Advice on Lobbying and Public Affairs).

Political Intelligence

This intelligence will also be parliamentary, as well as involving the research and analysis of sensitive information, as upstream as possible, in particular at the level of the European Commission who has the initiative power to put forward legislative acts that will then be submitted to the Parliament and the Council.

The work of the parliamentary intelligence consists in detecting current legislation in the work of the European Parliament that applies to your company’s concerns. Indeed, the quantity and high specialisation of the Parliament’s work make this institution’s activities less readable. Thus, through a personalised department and our regular contacts with the European Parliament, we are setting up a legislative monitoring system geared to your needs.

The organisation of the intelligence then enables an action plan to be determined with your company to take part in the institutional decision-making process (this is a joint process in most cases).

We regularly carry out this parliamentary intelligence work in Paris by following the work of the French National Assembly and Senate. We can set up an alert system on current political news and the parliamentary work in other capital cities of the European Union.

Organising your Public Relations

We advise you to organise regular campaigns of targeted contacts in view of the activity and needs of your company, intended for public authorities and the media.

We organise information-based breakfasts, promotional lunches, technical and administrative meetings, ministerial and parliamentary hearings, conferences and seminars and speaking opportunities throughout our mission, enabling your professional address book and your useful list of contacts to expand.


On behalf of your company, we can organise any training session, for individuals or groups, on current affairs. Professionals and experts come to speak in these programmes.

For example:

  • How does the European Union operate?
  • How are decisions made in Brussels?
  • European calls for tender and public markets
  • The decision circuit in local authorities
  • The institutions of the Fifth Republic
  • Current legislation (review of parliamentary sessions)
  • Mapping of environmental NGOs

Steering Networks

For each file, we will draw up a cartography of decision-makers and opinion relays with you.

To increase the effects of our interventions and their effectiveness, we will mobilise staff relays of our experts, always selected on the basis of their knowledge in your field of activity.

We will activate our political network of local elected representatives, parliamentarians, senior officials, ministerial cabinet members, permanent members of political parties and employers’ and consular organisations in France and Brussels within the Parliament, Commission, Council, Committee of the Regions, permanent representatives, etc.

Our Team

Eric Schell 

Eric graduated from Sciences Po Paris and holds a Master degree in law as well as an MBA from the HEC group. Eric manages the CBF team. He has a solid background and knowledge of local authorities (economic development and international promotion). He has over 15 years experience in the field of public affairs and lobbying within the Schell consultancy that he founded.

Christian Saint Etienne

Christian Saint-Étienne is an academic and political analyst, currently working as the Chair Professor of industrial economics at the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (CNAM – national school of engineering and technology). He is the author of numerous books. Christian is Counsellor of Paris ,as well as Borough Counsellor in the 5th arrondissement of Paris since March 16, 2008. Since 2004 Christian Saint-Etienne is a member of the Conseil d’Analyse Économique (CAE), an official body of the Prime Minister’s office.He is also a member of the Cercle des Economistes.

François Xavier Beuzon

François Xavier Beuzon is a media professional for more than 20 years. Correspondent for several national periodicals and daily newspapers, François Xavier Beuzon is Editor-in-Chief of bi-monthly newsletters in information for professionals.As a Media consultant for public relations offices and leader of conferences and discussion forums, he possesses a sound expertise in handling economic information and managing the operational side of press relations.

Claude Broll

Claude, as entrepreneur and corporate executive, has been administrating for more than 30 years, several companies in France and abroad ( Alizol, Perrier Santé, Parfums d’ Orsay…). He was appointed executive vice-president of France Vendôme, the investment fund of the Perrier group´ s founder and administrator of the stock broking company Aurel Leven. He specialises in turning around SMEs in difficulties (Conté Cosmetic, Tout Compte Fait…) and has a strong expertise as director of industrial companies. He has been advising firms and practising in mergers and acquisitions for more than 20 years, within Cofilux group, which he founded in Luxembourg in 1994, and Geneva in 2004. He created CBF in Paris in 1999.

Alain Coine

Alain Coine, after a career in the chemical industry, became Chairman of the French External Trade Advisers (Asia Pacific Committee ), Vice-President of the Franco-Japanese Exchange Committee, and sits on several Boards of Directors and Supervisory Boards of French and Japanese companies. He is currently Delegate General of the Villette-Entreprises Foundation and adviser for Industrial Affairs to the President of the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie.

Philippe de Fursac

Philippe de Fursac is associate director of the “Hommes et Entreprises” recruitment consultancy in Paris, the French market leader in recruitment of political, managerial, administrative and technical senior executives for local government authorities.

Drafting Position Papers

  • Public culture favours written documents (statements, letters, summary notices, etc.). In a concern to be effective and to speak the language of your representatives, we will help you to formalise this company communication for the institutional sector through the drafting of position papers.
  • More formally, we can organise the preparation, compiling and monitoring of portfolios, calls for tender and research into programmes and projects until your objectives are met.

Media Plan

Our media relations strategy involves several stages:

  • After jointly defining the key words of your company’s competence or research, the press monitoring system consists in sending your company articles and agency dispatches that directly concern you.
  • This press monitoring system is complemented with exercises in media training and public speaking for your company’s managers.
  • We will also support you in your media relations and in managing your crisis communication.

Research into European Funding

In particular through forging a partnership as part of Community research and development programmes (PCRD).

Our Partners


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Some communications from Mr. Eric Schell, Managing Partner of Cabinet Schell (Paris and Brussels). Author of « Talleyrand en verve » and the « Breviary of Talleyrand » published by Horay.

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