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Cabinet Schell

When the stakes are high and conventional solutions are not enough. When your business, reputation or industry is on the line. Our deep experience, multidisciplinary approach and political connections deliver results. Because today, successful outcomes require more than just practicing influence.



To increase the effects of our interventions and their effectiveness, we will mobilise staff relays of our experts, always selected on the basis of their knowledge in your field of activity.


and Acting

We will activate our political network of local elected representatives, parliamentarians, senior officials, ministerial cabinet members, permanent members of political parties and employers’ and consular organisations in France and Brussels within the Parliament, Commission, Council, Committee of the Regions, permanent representatives, etc.

Lobbying & Public Affairs - Paris and Brussels

Why Choose Cabinet Schell ?

The organisation of lobbying then enables an action plan to be determined with your company to take part in the institutional decision-making process (this is a joint process in most cases).
We regularly carry out this parliamentary intelligence work in Paris by following the work of the French National Assembly and Senate. We can set up an alert system on current political news and the parliamentary work in other capital cities of the European Union.


This intelligence will also be parliamentary, as well as involving the research and analysis of sensitive information, as upstream as possible, in particular at the level of the European Commission who has the initiative power to put forward legislative acts that will then be submitted to the Parliament and the Council.

The work of the parliamentary intelligence consists in detecting current legislation in the work of the European Parliament that applies to your company’s concerns. Indeed, the quantity and high specialisation of the Parliament’s work make this institution’s activities less readable. Thus, through a personalised department and our regular contacts with the European Parliament, we are setting up a legislative monitoring system geared to your needs.


We advise you to organise regular campaigns of targeted contacts in view of the activity and needs of your company, intended for public authorities and the media.

We organise information-based breakfasts, promotional lunches, technical and administrative meetings, ministerial and parliamentary hearings, conferences and seminars and speaking opportunities throughout our mission, enabling your professional address book and your useful list of contacts to expand.


On behalf of your company, we can organise any training session, for individuals or groups, on current affairs. Professionals and experts come to speak in these programmes.

For example:

  • How does the European Union operate ?
  • How are decisions made in Brussels ?
  • European calls for tender and public markets
  • The decision circuit in local authorities
  • The institutions of the Fifth Republic
  • Current legislation (review of parliamentary sessions)
  • Mapping of environmental NGOs

Our Ethics

Our professional approach is implemented in compliance with the charter of the seap (society of european affairs professionals) and the code of conduct charter of the afcl (french association for advice on lobbying and public affairs).


Eric Schell


Eric graduated from Sciences Po Paris and holds a Master degree in law as well as an MBA from the HEC group. Eric manages the team. He has a solid background and knowledge of local authorities (economic development and international promotion). He has over 15 years experience in the field of public affairs and lobbying within the Schell consultancy that he founded.

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